How to Wear Practise saree Readymade (Model2)

Many  students find wearing a regular saree a chore and cannot imagine something they can barely walk in being worn while doing the various stretches and complex moves of the art form . We are here to Introduce you a Stitched Practice Saree. We stitch Practice sarees as it can be Ready to wear type … Many Dance schools are using this as a uniform which is very comfortable for Dance Practice . Within a short period of time that is of 3 to 5 minutes you can wear this one and its very comfortable all age of students .Also after wearing this stitched practice Saree its look similar to normal Practice Saree .


Its stitched with one saree , have two parts skirt and Pallu (Both Skirt and Pallu stitched separately for easy to wear) .

Step 1: Wear the Blouse ,Pyjama and the Pallu

• Put on the blouse and button it into place. When worn correctly, the blouse should reach your waistline.



  • Drape the pallu/Shawl/Davani over your shoulder so the fabric rests on your chest.
  • Fasten the pallu into place by tying the front-side pallu threads together at back as shown in Pic1
Pic 2.1

Pic 2.2


  • And back-side pallu (tail) threads together at front like in the pic2.1 and pic2.2

Step 2: Wear the skirt

1.) Drape the pallu/Shawl/Davani’s down part should be tucking beneath the skirt


2.) Right edge of the saree thread should be tie with thread connected before the pleats . Adjust the pleats should be in front center as shown in pic3


3.) After tie the thread bring the remaining part of the saree to front and pleats like we do for normal saree as shown in pic4


4.) Take the pleat fold from right to left and tucking the remaining pleat on left side as shown in pic5

Click here to stitch Practice saree